Welcome to CryptOxKitties


1. What are CryptOxKitties?

CryptOxKitties are an innovative blockchain-free low-carbon NFT concept, allowing individuals to own the right to say that they have given me money, and in exchange I will display their name or a pseudonym of their choice against a photo of a cat of my choice (where such a cat exists, the relevant college cat), overlaid with the colours of an Oxford college. I will also send them a high(er, it varies) resolution copy of their Kitty and announce their purchase on the @catsofoxford Twitter account. They will also be members of the Bored Cat Snack Club (BCSC) which doesn't do anything but maybe if you pay me enough we have a party at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in Bethnal Green and pretend it's a yacht.

2. How do I adopt a CryptOxKitty?

If the Kitty is listed as available below, you send me some money via PayPal and I assign the Kitty to you. The floor price for newly minted Kitties is the highest initial sale price of previously sold Kitties. If the Kitty is listed with a current owner then you contact me and I give you the contact details of the current owner. You negotiate a price with them, and for a fee of 10% of that price I transfer ownership.

3. How do I sell a CryptOxKitty?

Basically the opposite of the above. If you are trying to sell and have a price in mind but no buyer, message me and I will add an asking price to your Kitty.

4. Why isn't this on the Blockchain?

Because the Blockchain is stupid and inefficient and I can't be bothered.

5. Can I pay you in Dogecoin?

No, dogs are stupid, even if Shiba Inu are cute.

6. Can someone steal my Kitty?

When you purchase a Kitty I will issue you with a unique security code. As long as you keep this secure, I will require it for future transactions and therefore nobody should be able to request a transfer without your consent. In cases of dispute I will arbitrate and my decision is final subject to the law.

7. How do I know you won't mint unlimited Kitties?

Supply of Kitties will be limited to one per college in Oxford (and maybe in the future Cambridge). While I am using substitute cats for a college which does not have a college cat (and names, where I photographed the cat but didn't find out what it was called), a new Kitty for a college which already has a Kitty will only be minted when a college aquires a new official college cat, or a new college is founded. As a safeguard I will also place an absolute cap at 100 Kitties.

8. Will there be a Kitty for every college?

Eventually, yes, with minor exemptions. New College hold a Class 9 Trademark Protection which means New College Related NFTs are not mintable by third parties. I believe they are the only college in this position but if you are a college who believes otherwise, please inform me.

9. What if I get rugged?

Dotkitten.net has been a stable domain for almost 25 years. I will make arrangements for the CryptOxKitty system to remain active for a minimum of 5 years should I mysteriously die on holiday or in other circumstances.

10. Is this an April Fool prank?

Mostly, but if anyone wants to give me money for the time I spend on @catsofoxford or my hosting fees or you know, because they have too much money and want to use it for something funny, I'm totally fine with that as well. I am from Yorkshire, I like money almost as much as I like cats. I genuinely will keep the page up. It's no stupider than actual crypto and at least it isn't destroying the planet or scamming pensioners

11. Where is my college cat?

If your college has a permanent or visiting cat and isn't here (looking at you, Exeter, LMH, St Anne's, St Hugh's) it means I don't have a good photo of them. Transfer copyright of one to me, or invite me over for a photoshoot, and I'll make it happen

Contact: cryptoxkitties@dotkitten.net

Current CryptOxKitty Owners

Kitty NameCollegeImageMinting DateCurrent OwnerMost Recent PriceAsking Price
SimpkinHertford01/04/2022Unownedn/aOffers Invited
TeabagSt Hilda's01/04/2022Unownedn/aOffers Invited
LyraUniversity01/04/2022Unownedn/aOffers Invited
PachaHarris Manchester01/04/2022Unownedn/aOffers Invited
BoltyChrist Church01/04/2022Unownedn/aOffers Invited
YoshiWorcester01/04/2022Unownedn/aOffers Invited
SebastianJesus01/04/2022Unownedn/aOffers Invited